The WhatsApp Magnet Bluprint

How to Get the Best Results From This Training:

Welcome, if you are struggling to make sales….

I want to congratulate you for getting this WhatsApp Magnet Blueprint training.

This training has helped a lot of people to transform their their businesses and boost sales.

I believe that same thing can also happen to you and your business too.

This training will show you how to build the right audience and make more sales using WhatsApp

If you have little or no audience you sell to on WhatsApp but want to generate consistent 100,000- 400, 000 in less than 90 days.


The knowledge from the WhatsApp Magnet Blueprint will help you to start employing the right strategies that will help you build a 7figure business on WhatsApp.

So, I will advice that you don’t just watch this training like a seasonal movie but jot every important thing down.


Once you are done…

Start Implementing.

You might not understand everything completely at first. Don’t let that bother you.

But just take it step by step.

If you get confused at any point, go back to the video that covers that area and watch it again.


And if you are still confused about anything, kindly drop your question in the support group and you will get your answers.


Understanding Your Dream Customers  [Download Here]


Why You Need A Sales Funnel   [Download Here]


Why WhatsApp   [Download Here]

Module One

Video 1: Lead Magnet To Grow Your WhatsApp List

Play Video

Video 2: Using WhatsApp Class As A Lead Magnet

Play Video

Module Two

Video 1: Before You Run your Ads

Play Video

Video 2: Instagram Ads Strategy

Video 3: Setting Up your Facebook Business Account With Your Phone

Video 4: Funding Your Facebook Account Using Your Local Card

Video 5: Facebook Ads Strategy

Play Video

Module Three

Video 1: How To Create A Free One-Page Website Or Landing Page With Your Phone

Module Four

Video 1: WhatsApp Automation For Android Users

Video 2: How To Send Personalized Broadcast Messages On WhatsApp For Android Users

Video 3: Creating And Shortening Of Your Links

Video 4: How To Automate Your WhatsApp Classes For Android Usersrd


1. Use the links below to download the WhatsApp Automation Tools Premium Version.

Just click the link to download.


Link 1: WhatsApp Auto Responder

[Download Here]


Link 2: Whatstool App

[Download Here]


NB: These apps work perfectly for Android users.

If you encounter any issues, post your questions in the support group.


2. Use the link below to join the WhatsApp Magnet Blueprint Support Group. 

Thank you for purchasing this training.

Your success is our priority.


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