Pay immediate attention to this If you are struggling to make sales online!!!

If you have little or no audience you sell to on WhatsApp but want to generate consistently N100,000-  N400, 000 in the next 90 days.

After generating over  10 million selling on WhatsApp in less than 6 months;

Discover This Simple Method I Use To Turn Complete Strangers to Customers Without Chasing After them to Buy.

Dear Friend,


What if I told you that selling on WhatsApp is hard if you don’t follow the required metrics but easy if you follow what I’m about to reveal to you now?



And if you won’t find this worth reading, I suggest you stop here and close your browser…



But if you fall under the category of people that struggle to make sales on WhatsApp… 



Or people don’t come to ask for what you sell everyday.



Maybe you’re part of “come and patronize me”, “orders can come in”, or “we’re open for business” set of people that sell on WhatsApp. 



Read this to the very end… 



Because this exact guide is what has brought me from a broke WhatsApp user to generating over 10 million Naira on WhatsApp in less than 6 months



But before then, I must let you know these…

Reasons You Struggle to Sell on WhatsApp and Why you Should Avoid Them. 

The first thing is that you’re talking to the wrong people.


Here’s why…


You struggle to attract the right audience because you don’t know how to attract them to buy from you.


Hence, your list is filled with people who are not interested in what you sell


Imagine you sell real estate properties and your contact list is filled with young graduates or job seekers..


Or you sell products on weight loss but your audience list has 70% of slim people..


Funny right?



You see where the problem is? 

Figure that out and focus on the next one which is…


Your inability to generate enough right audience to your WhatsApp funnel consistently.


I know you’re good at what you sell, but do you generate leads to your WhatsApp consistently?


If you ignore this part, selling becomes hard because  you may run out of customers.


Now, these problems might sound familiar


You’re probably struggling with one of them or both.


And your ability to sell shamelessly in the right way will make you a lot of money.


Yes, some people sell shamelessly the wrong way and end up blaming the village people.


But I don’t want you to be in that race anymore.


I want you to be on a new path with WhatsApp marketing…


I want you to stop selling daily without making sales.


You see, sales are the benchmark of all businesses. If sales stop coming in, the business will stop performing well.


And I know you want to make consistent figures for your business.


You wish to have loads of traffic coming to ask for what you sell.


And sometimes, you make few sales in a week but you still want more. Bigger one.


Don’t you?


Maybe you haven’t even made your first million selling online.

Here Are What You Need To Tackle Them

Whether you’re…



A Physical Product Seller that wants to sell more units of your physical product 



Newbie looking to sell anything on the internet and make money 



A Course Creator  Who wants to sell more 



An Affiliate Marketer  that wants to generate sales for his affiliate business 



You can make a reasonable figure selling every week by following these steps. 



But for you to make a huge figure selling on WhatsApp, you must know the strategies to attract people and turn them from strangers to buyers.



And these are strategies you cannot find on YouTube or Google. 



You need this  Step-by-Step Guide  that  helped me and my students collectively generate over N10 million in 6 months …


Look at what people are saying about what I'm about to reveal to you…

These people also struggle to sell on WhatsApp too. 


But they found what works. 


And with the insider secrets I shared with them, they’ve been able to see massive results. 


Plus, they no longer feel bothered about where the next prospect will come from. 


Or how they’ll make the next sales


All they did was to follow and apply what I shared with them. 


You too can be part of them… 


 You can make people beg you to buy what you sell


You can make daily sales even if you’ve never made so much before


And that’s why I’m introducing…


The blueprint you need to start attracting your dream audience and stop selling to broke audience.


It is what you need to let your prospects stand in line and beg you to take their money.


The remedy you need to stop the LOW or NO sales for your business. 


This Whatsapp Magnet Blueprint contains the step-by-step guides on how to make constant cashflow selling on WhatsApp…

Here is the Sneak Peek of What you’ll Learn from this Blueprint…

Module 1. 


How to Understand Your Dream Customer: This blueprint will show you the step-by-step guide to creating your customer avatar and to clearly understand them. You’re leaving millions on the table if you don’t understand who you sell to.


Why You Need A Sale Funnel:  You’ll be learning the structure of what a sales funnel looks like and how to create a simple sales funnel for your business to generate consistent sales.

Module 2.

How to Use Lead Magnet To Grow Your WhatsApp  You’ll learn what a lead magnet is and how to use it to generate a consistent flow of traffic to increase your WhatsApp views even if you have less than 50 status views


How To Use WhatsApp Class As A Lead Magnet: WhatsApp class is quite common but not everybody knows how to use it. I’ll be showing you how to use it to build credibility and generate massive sales for your business.

Module 3.


How To Create A Free One-Page-Website Or Landing Page With Your Phone: You will learn how to build simple landing pages with free websites without spending money on domain or hosting. 

Module 4.


WhatsApp Automation For Android Users: You’ll learn how to automate your messages on WhatsApp. You’ll also learn how your  WhatsApp can function without your presence. You’d like to know this, won’t you?


How To Send Personalized Broadcast Messages On WhatsApp For Android Users: Broadcast messages are one of the effective ways to sell on WhatsApp. But what can make you different? That’s why you’ll learn in this module how to send a broadcast message which will include your customers’ names. It’s easy and direct. With just a click, your message is on the way.


How to Create & Shorten Your Links For Your Products: Every business needs a personalized link to look different. You’ll learn that too. 


How To Automate Your WhatsApp Classes For Android Users:  You’ll learn how to automate your WhatsApp classes without the copy and paste mode that people use. With just a click, you can teach several classes at once

Modules 5. 

How To Setup a Profitable Facebook Ad with Your Phone: You’ll learn how to run an effective Facebook Ad to grow your contact lists. You’ll also learn how to get people who are looking for what you sell using my Facebook Ad strategy.


Instagram Ad Strategy:  You’ll learn how to set up Instagram Ads to build an audience that will from you again and again.

What’s more?

Remember, I want to hand you everything that made me and my student over 10 million Naira in less than 6 months…


And I want such success for your business too.




You’ll be getting the following bonuses below if you decide to get the blueprint TODAY!


These bonuses contain the tools and files that I and my student used to get results in a short period.


These tools cost me more than 40k to put them together.


Plus, they make life easier for me and I want that for you too…


These tools are so valuable to me and I’m giving them out for FREE to you today with LIFETIME access to everything!


Because I want The best for you too.

Below Are the Lists of Amazing Bonuses for you to Claim Now…


You’ll be  getting the premium version for FREE plus a video that explains how to use and model on the templates I added in the video. 


(VALUE –  10,000)


This app is a goldmine but only a few know . It’s very useful for your business and personal branding.

And that’s why I’ll be showing you my INSIDER secret to using this app to increase your sales.


(VALUE –  10,000)


If you’ve never gotten loads of messages that lead to sales before, this is for you. A lot of people selling on WhatsApp don’t know how to sell with WhatsApp status. 

they think there will be sales when their status looks like waist beads. Stop it! 

This hack will teach you how to sell using your STATUS  plus my templates that you can model on.  


(VALUE –  ₦5,000)


  I will be giving you my Video Ads Creation course for FREE plus the  INSIDER secrets they’ll never tell you about video creation. 

The best part? You get to do this with your PHONE, NO LAPTOP NEEDED! You don’t need to show your face

You don’t even need to be a guru to make your first video. 



(VALUE –  ₦5,000)


You see, I’ve bought some courses in the past and I was left in the darkness . No guide or support. I was there stuck and confused. 

And I don’t want you to be in this situation too. 

Hence, If you ever feel stuck or need any clarification…

You can drop your questions in the group and get a quick response from me…

You’ll get 100% support and the guide you need every day.  Plus you’ll have direct access to me. 

Access to this Support Group is worth N20, 000 but you’re getting it for FREE today…


TOTAL VALUE = ₦50,000  ($100)

I Know You Want To Get Result Just Like These Guys Below..

He has generated over N1.6m selling digital products as an affiliate on WhatsApp using the same strategy I’m about to show you.

From no sale to making over 7 sales in 30mins. Here’s what Blessing has to say..

“How Much Does This Blueprint Cost?”


I want you to first imagine what it feels like when you have a consistent flow of customers…


A moment when you don’t have to think of where the next customer will come from. Instead, they run into your DM.



Or when daily alerts become a norm for you. 



These are what you want, don’t you?



But the truth is, it will take you a long way if you want to figure it out all by yourself.



Why not save yourself the time of “figuring it out” all by yourself…



…the headache and stress of not getting the results you want… and find what will work for you.



But wait, if I were to ask you how much this blueprint cost, what will you say


₦50,000  ($100) ?



The value of this course is priceless because it can generate tons of money for your business. 






You won’t be getting it for ₦50,000  ($100).


I decided to make it affordable for anybody willing to increase their reach and sales

…and you’re also part of these people.



You will agree with me that ₦50,000  ($100) will be a good bargain for all the lifetime access you’ll have to this blueprint.



But for today, you’d be getting the Whatsapp Magnet Blueprint at a ridiculous price of ₦12,000  ($20)

Goes Up To N25,000 ($50)



If you breakdown the price of this blueprint, that’s N1000 per month or just ₦33 per day if you divide it over the next one year, that is 365 days.


Quite ridiculous, right? 


That’s because, I want to make it affordable for you…


And the interesting part of it is that… It comes with…

Conditional 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

I’ve taken my time to put  valuable guides on this Whatsapp Magnet Blueprint.


This is why I am CONFIDENT  that  you that you’ll get result.


After you have consumed the materials, watched the videos, and implemented the guides in this blueprint but do not get results in the next 30 days…


Or you’re not satisfied…


Come with your proof of implementation within 30 days, I’ll refund your money and also double the amount. 


Yes, you’ll get your refund 2x plus the knowledge of my blueprint…


Sounds fair enough?


Click on the Link Below To Get Access To The Blueprint Now

Goes Up To N25,000 ($50)



Here Is What You’ll Be Getting Again.













Goes Up To N25,000 ($50)



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do everything with your phone because I know most people use WhatsApp on their phones

No, it’s a one-time payment. You don’t need to pay any extra charges after you make your payment now. 

You have 100% support when you buy this blueprint.

Yes, so long as you are doing your business online and want to bring in more sales using WhatsApp, this blueprint is for you

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