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Unemployment rate in Nigeria is gradually approaching 50%

Don't be scared.. It's not 50% yet but....

Let's look at the figures

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria had an unemployment rate of 32.5% in 2021 and currently it has an unemployment rate of 33%.

Let's say you don't understand statistics and you want me to explain in a layman's term.

It means that 1 in 3 Nigerians is unemployed.

What about those that are underemployed?  

It really cold  outside.

I once had a job offer but the pay will make anyone cry. The only thing that came to my mind was

"What if I don't have the knowledge to create income for myself online"

Well, I could have taken the job and cry everyday.

Here's the simple truth, the population of the unemployed is 10x the number of job opportunities available.

So it's very easy for anyone to become unemployed than to be employed in Nigeria.

This is the time to start doing the things that matter.

Even if you have a paying job, it's time to start creating multiple streams of income for yourself.

Thank God there's internet and the internet economy is not same as the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria Broke Me

Back in 2019, I was a serving Corp member in Uyo, Akwaibom State. Vibrant and all I wanted to do was to make an impact and probably get a nice job after that.

I had a lot in my mind as a young Corp member. Then early 2020, Covid-19 hit us. I became so sad because I never wanted to be kept indoors but that was when everything about me both financially and otherwise changed.

When Covid-19 Lockdown came, as a Biochemist serving in a school in Akwaibom. I teamed up with 6 of my friends and idea creators to build a homemade Automatic Disinfection Chamber. (Always define your circle)

As a Biochemist, it was my duty to find a combination of solutions that will go perfectly with our device.

Then I set out to work with another team member who's a Med Lab Scientist and another, a Cosmetologist, and my very close friend who is an industrial chemist.

It was really a heavy task that took time and energy. We never had a standard laboratory to work with but we kept pushing. I can remember almost getting burnt by Hypochloric Acid in one of our trials but that didn't stop me. (Always Learn to keep digging).

Two weeks later, we came up with a prototype of our disinfection chamber because while we were doing the solution formulation, the engineering guys were doing their thing.

So we arrived at our first Automated Disinfection Chamber, after days of smart and hardworking. (Don't be fooled by the saying "Work Smart and Not Hard).

"Being a smart worker isn't a way to avoid hard work". All the successful people I have met in this journey called Life are smart and hardworking. You just have to understand the concept of Smart work and Hard work.

Well, long story cut short... We developed two different machines. But the Nigeria factor didn't see that go far.

The story ended with the media. Everyone thought we were paid a huge amount of money after that.

The truth? I was broke and frustrated after that. The promises were just words.

And I just finished my NYSC. All I had was the last allowance I was paid as a Corp member.

I couldn't go home because everyone saw me on the news talking about one big project.

What will I say if I go home?

I woke up to a new reality, I had become a jobless and broke graduate even.

I had two options

1. Blame Nigeria for everything

2. Take responsibility for my life

Well, I took the second option and disappeared for 6 months (literally).

Where will I start?

At that moment, depression was already setting in. I was still hoping something will come out but nothing came.

One day, I was on Facebook reading through comments made by people on the NYSC page about our device. Then I saw an advert on Facebook about a book Life Breathing Cash Machine by Toyin Omotoso. I clicked on the link, and then bought this book.

I went through this book twice. That was when I assured myself first that I wasn't a failure. The system only failed me and I can't fail myself too. I opened my mind to something different and was ready to explore my next options.

That Next Option is what took me to my first N1m in 3 months and I have gone ahead to make more than that since then. 

I have also shared the same secret to over 500 students. You can see what they are saying below.

I Get Many Testimonies Like This Daily...Yours is Next!

Why am I sharing my own story with you?

Because I know someone who would give up on everything at first rejection.

Now, I can afford to start up my own company to build the kind of systems we made during my NYSC days. I can also afford to take them to court for using my idea if I want to.

Success is for action takers.

Are you one of them?

I'm giving you the same opportunity I got in 2020. The only difference is that you will be learning from two masters.

You don't have to be too good online to start this

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You don't need to a tech savvy

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